Monday, 13 July 2009

Faro Airport - Update

Am writing this at the landside mezzanine cafe above arrivals at Faro Airport.

The airport authorities appear to have recently introduced a new arrivals control system. People meeting friends or family at Faro can no longer go all the way to the exit from the baggage hall.

The Airport has placed a barrier about 50m down the concourse from the exit to the baggage hall. There are stern faced securities guards stopping the normal public from entering.

So when passengers not on package tours now arrive, on exiting the baggage hall, they have to walk 50 metres through a gauntlet of agents and tour companies before they can exit the cordon and meet friends or family meeting them.

I understand the need for controlling numbers in airports but I do feel it is not right that the general public travelling privately should be discriminated against.

If I have elderly relatives or friends, I would like to meet them outside the exit from the baggage hall not 50 metres away through a gauntlet.

There is a need for a special exit and separate hall for passenges arriving on package tours.