Saturday, 11 July 2009

One Way Car Hire - Spain / Algarve, Portugal

*****URGENT NEW COMMENT - 11th July 2009 ***** has been the first site for which I have taken banners on this blog.

However, since starting a few weeks ago. it has become clear that the provider of the vehicles in Spain have no vehicles available for, at least, summer 2009 rental from Spain to Portugal.

The web site operator, who I have know for a long time is most annoyed as well. The issue is being taken up by the aforementioned car rental provider involved.

However, for the present, I will be changing the banner and apologise to all those who have been frustrated through this link and post.

Should the situation improve and/or resolve itself, I will announce it here.

Again my apologies.

*****URGENT NEW COMMENT - 11th July 2009 *****