Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Warning: Hotel Turim Ibéria - Avda 5 de Outobro

We are currently visiting Lisbon and are staying at the above-mentioned hotel having found a good deal on the web.

See: http://www.turimiberia.com/

Entrecampos Rail station is within walking distance as is Campo Pequeno Metro.

However, we were not made very welcome at reception on arrival yesterday.

On entering our rooms at 14:30, following a hot trip from the Algarve, we found no bath towels in the bathroom.

We complained and at about 15:30 they finally arrived.

Today we have been in town all morning. On arriving back at 15:00, we again found no bath towels nor bath mat. We just wanted a shower!

It is now 17:12 and after 2 calls to reception (in Portuguese - We speak it) still no towels! Excuses abound - The towels are being distributed now etc etc.

The Wifi here is also spasmodic.

So be warned, although the rooms are reasonable (ours has a badly marked dressing table)this is not, at present, a good hotel in terms of client service.