Sunday, 22 November 2009

Barcelona to Faro

At present, there are no direct flights, trains or buses from Barcelona to Faro.

Ryanair tried a flight a couple of years ago but there was not enough trafiic.

There are routes that are relatively easy but it does require switching between airports and bus/train stations in either Seville or Lisbon.

If you have some one in Faro, you would be better off having them travelling to Seville or Lisbon airports and meeting the boys there.

The following airlines fly from Barcelona to Seville:




The following airlines fly from Barcelona/Girona to Seville:

# Ryanair

The following airlines fly from Barcelona to Seville:

# Vueling


One other option that may be quite pricey given the time of year is by via their hub at Palma da Mallorca. The current winter timetables shows through booking from Barcelona to Faro daily. However, I do know that in summer that this schedule can be reduced as there are more direct flights to Faro from Germany. Their summer schedule does not yet appear to be online.