Thursday, 22 April 2010

Algarve - Boreholes

One of the main drillers of boreholes in the Western Algarve is:

Acácio da Silva Carreira
Telephone: 282 339 172
R Antonio Aleixo, 20 - 8375-128 S B Messines

This outfit have been in business for years and I know that they have bored holes in Raposeira, Ingrina and Sagres.

They do not have a website but are well known in the area.

I have spoken to them this morning and they say that if you send them an email in English they should be able to reply.

There appears to be an another outfit based between Faro and Tavira - SondaPortugal.

Website here:

As regards Boavista, a pipeline was built from the ETAR near Portelas and the course uses waste water from Lagos for irrigation if I remember correctly.