Saturday, 7 August 2010

Portugal Trip

Being based in Coimbra in the centre of Portugal allows you the opportunity to visit a lot of places central to the History of Portugal.

If you do not mind paying motorway tolls, you ideally situated to even visit places like Porto which is only 120km away - an hour's drive! However, if you were to visit Porto with its wonderful historic centre and its Port Wine industry, I would recommend making a day of it and travelling there and back by train. It only takes an hour.

Remember, Coimbra itself probably requires a day. It has one of the oldest Universities in Europe and a tradition stretching back to Roman Times. The ruins at Conimbriga may be off interest.

Also, think about a day trip to Alcpbaça, Batalha and Obidos. These three centres, although small have been key centres in Portugal's history.