Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Travel to Residencial Florescente

Actually, the taxi cannot drop you off directly in front of the hotel as it is on a pedestrian precinct.

How do I know? Barlaventoexpert has stayed at the Residencial Florescente!

However, the taxi should be able to drop you off on the corner of Rua dos Condes and Rua de São José and you can then walk the 30m or so to the Florescente.

Now you have explained where you are staying, I can advise that in Rua das Portas de Sãnto Antão (turn right out of the Florescente!) there are several Asian run electrical/electronics shops selling counterfeit brands who will be more than pleased, methinks, to sell you an iron!

A final point, Rua das Portas de Sãnto Antão, which mergers into Rua de São José, is an "ambush alley" of restaurants with touts outside. There is at least one recent report on these forums of punters being ripped off in these restaurants. Be very careful and wary. Check the prices of everything including wine and do not be intimidated.