Friday, 19 November 2010

Portugal - General Strike - 24/11/10

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Re: Help Needed - Air Strikes Next Wednesday

Regrettably, you are probably stuck.

It is not just an air strike, it is a full blown Euro-Zone French/Greek Style National Strike. 90% of the country will be down.

The trains will be out, most local buses will be out and it is highly likely long-distance buses will be out as well! There are no long distance buses from Braga to Spain. Vigo would be your only alternative, but you would need to get to Porto to get the bus to Vigo if it is operating!!!

The Spanish Company operates a daily weekday service from Porto Airport to Vigo at the following times:

OPORTO, AEROPUERTO 9:45 12:45 16:45 19:45

Transit time takes about 3 hours.

I am not hopeful though that this service will operate on Wednesday.

Basically, despite your comments, be prepared to have to stay until Thursday.

This strike has been written about on this Forum recently.