Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Re: Official tour guides - fight piracy

You know, I agree with most of the sentiments above!

However, most people going on holiday do not want to be bothered about legally finding out about whether or not some one is a legally licensed guide etc. They just want a good reliable (and usually cheap) service quickly.

Insisting that tourists "check legally" to see if a guide is properly licensed or not, is just the right way to chase people away from a tourist destination!

To me, if one is a high quality licensed guide, what one must do is high quality pro-active marketing, be competitive and not depend upon on licensing systems and bureaucracy to protect you from the competition.

My beef is with people who are legally licensed guides, airport transfer operators, etc. who use the system of needing to get a degree, license, bureaucratic authorisation, etc. to stop others (especially the young) easily getting into their business and making a living!!!

Today, especially with the internet and its forums, social media, (facebook, twitter,etc) and other channels, marketing oneself powerfully as a guide is a lot easier. However, it requires ongoing daily work monitoring all the media, chasing down leads and converting the enquiries into sales.

Being a good service provider such as guide, airport transfer service or whatever, requires constant work at marketing both on the web and foot slogging around local hotels, conference organisers, cruise line companies, etc. on a regular basis chasing business and not just waiting for phone calls or email enquiries to come in.