Sunday, 17 April 2011

Re: EuropCar Emergency Asst Left Me Alone and Stranded

I would have thought a call to 112, (They have English speakers) the Portuguese national emergency number would have at least brought a local police officer to the scene who would have been able to help you.

As regards mobile phones, just make sure with your Stateside operator before you leave, that your sim card and mobile phone work in Europe. These day, if one has a quadband phone equipped with a suitable sim card there should be no problem.

I have difficulty understanding the constant problems North Americans seem to have with mobile phones when traveling internationally. I have used my basic Portuguese mobile phone all over Europe, in South Africa, in Hong Kong without any problem. Sounds like US based mobile operators are not nearly as customer friendly as ours over here.

As regards the reaction of the Portuguese shop staff and security, I find this story strange. I am sure if you had said you were not feeling well, they would have called 112 for you. I have known Portugal for 40 years and generally, the Portuguese are very helpful if someone is in need. They may not appear so to one's face but they are.