Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Travel from Lisbon to Lagos - Summer 2014

1) Train and Bus Fares are usually set on an annual basis. Fares do not change for the summer season. It is highly unlikely that there will be any change in train or bus fares before August 2013. If there are changes it would only be by 5% or so. 

2) Bus Schedules - Usually there is an increased frequency of service by rede-expressos.pt and renex.pt services in summer. However, it is unlikely one will be able to confirm this until June/July.

3) Train Schedules - Based on previous years, there is likely to be an increase in services in the summer. However, it will probably be only one or two extra services per day. Again, it is unlikely one will be able to confirm this until June/July. 

4) Luggage Storage - There are currently luggage lockers on the basement floor of the Gare Oriente Train/Bus Station from whence renex.pt bus and cp.pt train services (change at Tunes Junction for Lagos) to Lagos depart.

There are also luggage lockers and a left luggage department at Lisboa Sete Rios Bus Station (Metro/CP Sete Rios) from whence depart rede-expressos.pt and http://www.eva-bus.com/novo/index.php?lang=uk services for Lagos