Thursday, 4 April 2013

World Economic Forum Travel and Tourism World Competitiveness Report 2013 - Portugal well ranked

The World Economic Forum has just released its (517 page) 2013 Travel and Tourism World Competitiveness Report analysing the state of and ranking the performance of the Travel and Tourism Sectors in individual countries world wide.

I have downloaded a copy and posted it here:

Today's Portuguese National Daily, reports that in summary Portugal gets an overall ranking of Nº. 20 in the World. However, while emphasising many positive aspects of Portugal's ranking world-wide,  it does points out that negative aspects include:

"...... a competitividade dos preços de viagens e turismo, os custos dos combustíveis, as práticas de contratação e despedimentos e ainda a extensão e impacto que os impostos têm sobre os incentivos ao trabalho e investimentos. "

In summary, price competitiveness in terms of prices of transport and tourism services, lack of flexibility on labour practices, (viz: hiring and firing) aand the negative effect of taxes on incentives to create employment and promote investment.

Copy of article ((in Portuguese) here: