Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Faro Airport, Algarve - New Hourly Urban Bus Service to Faro - Route 19

The new Faro Urban Bus Network, proximo.pt, has entered service today, 11th June 2013.

A new service, Route 19, has been launched departing Faro Airport, hourly between 05:00 and 24:00, with the exception of 13:00 and 20:00. Buses from Faro Bus Station to the airport also depart at 20 minutes to the hour.

More information can be found on the new Faro Urban Bus Service website - http://www.proximo.pt

Schedules for all routes by visiting: http://www.proximo.pt/pt/schedule/ and selecting the desired route number. (e.g. Route 19 for the Airport Service) At present, the winter schedule is in service. A new Route 19 summer timetable will come into effect as from 1st July, 2013.

Route 16 (Winter/Summer) and Route 17 (Summer) will also continue to link Faro Airport with Faro Bus Station and Faro Train Station.

This information has been verified by phone with www.proximo.pt on 11th June 2013.

These developments in the Faro Airport bus service are a substantial marked improvement in the public transport offering in the Algarve and should enable many more visitors to take advantage of the regional Algarve bus and train offering.