Wednesday, 20 November 2013

World Telecom - Algarve - End of Fixed Line service

I have German neighbours who have used World Telecom for the past few years. 10 days ago they suddenly found they could not dial out.

World Telecom appear to be associated with the Portugal News Group and their office are in Lagoa right next to the Portugal News Offices.


Portugal News
Rua Municipio de S Domingos
Urb. Lagoa Sol, Lote 3 r/c
8400-415 Lagoa


World Telecom
Rua Municipio de São Domingos
Urbanização Lagoa Sol
Lote 3 r/c
Lagoa Faro 8400-416 Portugal

Tel +351 282 341 100

Although their 707 number was not working I managed to get hold of them on 282 380 300.

The story I got from the person who answered the phone was that, "allegedly", and without notice, the company that World Telecom bought their bulk digital voice capacity from suddenly terminated their contract and that therefore they could not continue to offer the voice service.

When I challenged this person over the fact that it appeared that no effort had been made to contact our friends, she simply said that they should have emailed the company. 

This really got my "cabra" and I tore into her pointing out that our friends are in their 70's and 80's and do not use the Internet. There was a pause and she started to give their standard spiel again.

They have no similar product on offer, except a mobile service offering 100 minutes free per month to certain EU countries. They also do not really appear to worry about losing clients. This is not the first time over the years that I have had friends and clients who have had hassles with this lot.

If PT have not yet contact anyone with a World Telecom account and one's dial out facility is blocked, put 1020 in front of the number one dials and one will be connected and billed via PT.