Saturday, 24 January 2015

Barlaventoexpert's Top Tips for Seville, Spain

My top six list of monuments in Sevilla:

1) Cathedral & La Giralda
2) El Real Alcazar
3) Plaza de España & Parque de Maria Luisa 
4) Museu das Bellas Artes
5) Archivo General de Indias
6) University of Sevilla/Real Fabrica de Tabacos (This building was part of the inspiration and backdrop for Bizet's Opera Carmen.)

However, the greatest thing about Seville is the old city itself, and just wandering around soaking up the architecture and sitting in cafes and bars in areas like Alameda de Hercules and the Jewish Quarter.

A traditional Andalucian Tile Plaque on a the wall of a house in the Jewish Quarter of Seville 
quoting the poem "Jardin Antiguo" by famous Sevillan Poet Luis Cernada. Photo by Barlaventoexpert - 2015

My favorite bar for tapas is: Bodega Santa Cruz - Las Columnas, Calle Rodrigo Caro 1a,  Seville.

A short walk from from the Cathedral and Alcazar. Be prepared! It's a bit of an intimidating crush with a combination of locals and tourists. Fastest way to get served is to decide what to eat first, push oneself through the throng to the bar and order. Speaking some Castellano or Portuñol does help as does patience. Vale!



My favorite place for Christmas dinner in Sevilla, (now done it twice!), is El Baratillo, Calle Adriano, 22, 41001 Sevilla.

This is a great little Bistro with a good menu and atmosphere not far from the Cathedral. My only regret are the heads of ex-bulls on the walls. However, great place to eat!