Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Day Trip-Suggestion from Lisbon - Coimbra

Another day trip possibility from Lisbon is Coimbra using www.cp.pt 's Alfa-Pendular from Lisbon Sta. Apolonia or Oriente Stations. 
There are Alfa departures every hour from 06:00 through to 20:00 North-bound and the last one back south-bound departs Coimbra-B at 21:47
Make sure to get the Alfa not the Intercidades.
The trip takes 1hr45mins each way from Lisboa Sta. Apolonia station. A taxi from Coimbra-B station to Portagen by the Rio Mondego in the centre is recommended. It is well worth it. 
Coimbra is one of the oldest University towns in Europe and aside from this, has been an important centre in Portuguese history since the times of the Romans. Parts of the old University area have been accorded world heritage status by Unesco. One will not be able to see everything but one will get a good feel for the town.
Finish of the day by visiting Fado do Centro for their 30 minute, 18:00 daily performance of traditional Fado do Coimbra.
View of Coimbra, Portugal