Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Public Transport from Amares, Portugal to Braga and Porto, Portugal

There is a reasonable public transport service from Amares to Braga from Monday to Saturdays. There is a limited service on Sundays.

From Braga, one can get a train or bus to Porto.


Minho Verde - http://bit.ly/1vRHs8m
Transdev - http://bit.ly/1vRHyNx
EHG - http://bit.ly/1vRHH3h

If you are heading to Porto Airport there is the shuttle service operated by GetBus from Braga. 

See: http://getbus.eu/index.php?seccao=2&lang=pt

If going into Porto itself, one can get the train. Services operate about twice hourly throughout the day.

See: Timetable: http://bit.ly/1vRIkdp

There are also, on average, hourly bus services throughout the day operated by Rede-Expressos and Citilink.between Braga Bus Station and Porto Alexandre Herculano Bus Station 

See: http://www.rede-expressos.pt/ 

Local taxis in the Braga / Amares area include:

Táxi Monteiro Amares - 919 376 233 

TaxiBraga - http://www.taxibraga.pt/