Sunday, 24 January 2016

Alvor, Algarve, Portugal - Public Transport to/from Lisbon, Portugal

Alvor is becoming an increasingly popular holiday destination.

However, there are poor local public transport links linking Alvor to the train and bus stations at Portimão, the nearest main centre.

The bus company is the easiest option to travel directly from Lisbon to Alvor.

Bus timetable in pdf format is here:
I use RENEX if I need to get up to Lisbon Airport from Lagos, (final stop after Alvor) overnight, or to Porto as the connections are very easy..
At present, there are seven buses daily each way between Alvor and Lisbon.
These buses stop half-way up the motorway to Lisbon in the Alentejo for 15 minutes for a coffee, loo-stop and generally admiring the countryside or Alentejo night sky.
It is a pain one can't book online, but as long as one is at the ticket office at the Gare Oriente Bus Station, 30 minutes in advance, there is usually no problem with tickets..