Sunday, 24 June 2007

AirAuto Car Hire - Faro

There have been three recent complaints about this company on Tripadvisor Forums.

Link can be found here:


Here is a reply I wrote with some advice on how to deal with this:


If you do a search of this forum you will find at least 2 other posts about this company in the recent month from Brazil_7 and pnefan.

It is interesting that when you go to their website and click on the "about us" buttons there is no registered office which I find interesting.

However a whois search of Portuguese domains comes up with the domain registered to :

Airauto-Aluguer de Automoveis Lda
R. dos Bombeiros,Edificio Horizonte
Loja Sul
8125-208 Quarteira

A further search shows the following phone numbers:

Tel.: 289 300 200
Fax: 289 300 202

I would suggest that you might like to get together and write a letter of complaint to (I am sure English will do although translated into Portuguese would be better.):

ARAC - Associação dos Industriais de Aluguer de Automóveis sem Condutor (Portuguese Association of Car Hire Operators)
Avª 5 de Outubro, nº 70 - 9º
1050-059 Lisboa

Telef: 21-7615230
Fax: 21-7615231


On the contacts page, there is a contact as follows:

Apoio ao Turismo (Support to tourism): Margarete Ferreira

This is the association of Portuguese Car Hire Companies and from an old list I saw AirAuto may be a member.

I would also copy the letter to the Algarve Regional Tourism Authority:

Av. 5 de Outubro, 18
8000 - 076 FARO
Tel.: 289 800 400/ 289 800 477
Fax: 289 800 489


The Portuguese Assocation for the Rights of Consumers:

Associação Portuguesa para a Defesa do Consumidor - DECO
R. de Artilharia Um, n.º 79 - 4º
1269 - 160 Lisboa
Tel.: 21 371 02 00
Fax: 21 371 02 99

and the Portuguese Govt. Economic Affairs Watchdog

Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica
Av. Conde de Valbom, 98
1050-070 Lisboa

Tel 21 798 3600
Fax 21 798 3654


Regional Office for the Algarve:

Direcção Regional do Algarve
Edifício da Direcção Regional do Algarve do Ministério da Economia
Estrada da Penha
8000-117 Faro
Tel 289 880 140
Fax 289 880 143

Make sure your letters are detailed and explain where the conflict was.

Point out that the terms & conditions that were applied to you that did not appear on the website or on the contract.

I would also copy your letters to AirAuto so that they can see that action is being taken. Also mention that this has been reported on various travel forums on the Internet.

Hope this helps.