Thursday, 21 June 2007

Short Trip from Lisbon to Spain

The first problem is that Lisbon, like most cities on the Iberian Peninsula are a long way from each other.

Trains and Bus from Lisbon to Madrid takes at least 11 hours each way. Bus to Lisbon - Seville is slightly less. (No train)

If you only have one free day I would suggest that you would be better of visiting Porto, the second city of Portugal.

The train between the two takes 2hrs 45 mins and you can easily do a nice day trip without much stress.

If you were intent on Spain I would recommend Seville as it is smaller and more do-able in one day. Bear in Mind thoug it is very very hot in June, July, August. (+-40ºC daytime)

There is a night bus service from Lisbon Gare Oriente Bus Station as follows

Dept:: Lisbon Gare Oriente: 21:00
Arrive: Seville 5:45 (local time)

The return service is as follows:

Dept:: Seville 23;59
Arrive: Lisbon Gare Oriente: 06:00

Service operator is