Thursday, 7 June 2007

Travelling from Albufeira to Lisbon


Sorry for the delay in reply. For some reason just saw you message.

If you are prepared for a long day you can do the following:

Dept Albufeira Station: 07:18
Arr Lisbon Entrecampos 09:56


Dept: Lisbon Entrecampos 19:20
Arr: Albufeira 22:56

Note: Albufeira Station is 7 km from Albufeira in the village of Figueiras.

Note: It is unlikely you would find taxis there late at night so you would need to have one booked before to pick you up.

Note: At Entrecampos you have links to the Lisbon Metro and Taxis can easily be hailed outside the station to take you to the Baixa (downtown.)(+- Euro 6 depending on traffic)

Knowing Lisbon as I do, I would recommend that one needs at least one full day there, to do the minimum.
(Baixa, Castelo São Jorge, Alfama)

In reality you need a week to do it justice.

Best way from Faro Airport is either to pick up a hire car on arrival or to get a shuttle:

See the following sites which may help:

Taxi are another option but can be quite pricey - between Euro 50 and 60 depending on number of pax and time of day.