Thursday, 17 January 2008

Barcelona to Faro

Question posted to me on

"What options do we have from Barcelona to Faro? We will have 2 large suitcases, at this stage we are thinking about driving the Coast road. Is it an easy route? We are Australian and drive on the wrong side of the road!!"

My Answer:

"Firstly, I drive on the wrong side of the road all the time. I've driven right-hand drive cars on one side of the road and left hand drive cars on the other, vice versa and backwards in my time. Never had a problem! Here in Portugal, I'me driving a right hand drive car on the right - No Probs.

I don't accept the excuse "We are Australians" - a couple of "tinnies" and most Aussies can do everything....or so they believe!....Look at Corey Delaney and the masses of Aussies who head here to Lagos each July after running with the Bulls in Pamplona!

If you take the motorway from Barcelona to Faro you will have no problem...except avoid transitting Seville during the morning rush hour, lunchtime and evening rush hour as the ring road gets chockers.

If you are driving suitcases, I suggest that you wear helmets! Spanish truck drivers can be manic. You will need to make sure that each suitcase is equipped with two warning triangles in case of breakdown.

You have two options on the road route - inland via Granada which is beautiful with its Alhambra Palace or the coastal route via Almeira, Malaga, Torremolinos, etc to Cadiz, Jerez and then Seville.

There are no direct flights between Barcelona and Faro.

Your other options include:

- Long Distance bus from Barcelona to Seville and then Faro.
- Low-Coast Flights from Barcelona to Lisbon and then bus or train to Faro."

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