Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Lagos - New Urban Bus Service

Further to my previous post, I have now obtained further details of the service courtesy of the website of the Camara Municipal de Lagos and the nascent web-site of the ONDA bus service.

Portuguese versions here:

Camara Municipal de Lagos

Onda - Timetables - PDF download

I have also translated a large part of this info which is available at the bottom of this article in three png images.

The interesting thing about these new services, resutling from a €1mn investment in new buses is that Lagos, Praia da Luz, Barão São João and Bensafrim will now have regular services at good frequencies between them even on Sundays from early in the morning till around 20:00.

It still means that is you want to go to Lagos from Praia de Luz for a night out you will have to take car but for those who only need day services it is going to be a great improvement.

Lagos Zoo will also now benefit from several services a day.

Just click one them and they will enlarge.

Onda Page 1

Onda Page 2

Onda Page 3