Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Albufeira - Huelva

However, the Summer 2008 official Faro Airport guide is out and it is quoting between €106 & € 126 for a four seater taxi from Faro Airport to Huelva.

The same guide is quoting between € 41 and € 45 for a four seater taxi from Faro Airport to Albufeira.

Rationalising all this I would think that the cost would be between € 150 and € 170 for a four seater taxi from Albufeira to Huelva depending on time of day/night - week/week-end.

The following private transfer company:


are quoting € 80 for the transfer Faro Airport to Huelva.

So Albufeira to Huelva would probably be in the region of € 100.

Your best bet from Albufeira to Huelva would be the twice daily Damas Bus that runs from Lagos through Albufeira and Faro to Seville via Huelva.

Cubsur has timetables here:


Be aware that the Damas Buses only operate on weekdays at present.

Transit time is about three hours allowing for the fact that Spanish time is one hour ahead of Portuguese times.