Thursday, 8 May 2008

La Coruna - Geneva

I have spent some time on this one and yes, it is difficult.

There are only two trains a day linking Vigo to Porto and these each take +-4hrs:30 min. La Coruna - Vigo by train takes a further 2 hours!

La Coruna is a lot further than Vigo so I really don't think this route is doable by public transport.

If you have a car, the distance is 301km taking about 3:30 mins.

As regards buses there are services from La Coruna to Porto Airport operated by

However, the Friday La Coruna to Porto to service operates too late to tie in with the flight from Porto.

On Thursday however, there is a bus from La Coruna Bus Station to Porto Airport leaving at 09:00 arriving 12:30.

There is then a direct flight from Porto to Geneva operated by as follows

Thursday July 4th

Porto to Geneva

dep. 13:55, arr. 17:00

For the return there is a flight leaving Geneva for Porto as follows:

Sunday July 6th

Geneva to Porto

dep. 13:40, arr. 14:55

However, the current return price is about € 200.

There is a bus from Porto Airport to La Coruna as follows:

Dept Porto Airport 00.45H Arrive La Corunna 06.00H

Easyjet's Summer La Coruna - Madrid service has not yet be confirmed. Not available till 18th May.
It may be that there will be better routings via this route.

However, you might want to have a look at routing via Barcelona although the transit times are somewhat short.

July 4th.

La Coruna to Barcelona - Spanair

09:35 La Coruna 11:10 Barcelona

Barcelona to Geneva


12:05 Barcelona 13:40 Geneva


La Coruna to Barcelona - Spanair

15:25 La Coruna 17:00 Barcelona

Barcelona to Geneva - Easyjet

18:05 Barcelona 19:40 Geneva

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Geneva to Barcelona - Easyjet

10:20 Geneva 11:50 Barcelona

Barcelona to La Coruna - Spanair

12:50 Barcelona 14:35 La Coruna

I would suggest that if you can get hold of a car, driving to Porto would probably be the best option.

As regards, rental accomodation in La Coruna, I unfortunately live in the Algarve in the South of Portugal and am not local to La Coruna.

However, if you would like to visit my blog,

scroll down to the bottom of the right hand panel, and click on "View my complete profile", you could then click on email and send me your requirements. I will then see if I can assist although it may take some time.