Saturday, 22 January 2011

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - Building Work News

Just a couple of notes on things going on here:

1) The New Parking Garage

A couple of days ago a team turned up with a pneumatic drill and compressor and started to attack one of the very sharp "up ramps."
Driving past this morning it appears that they might be knocking one of the two tight and steep ramps into one! It will be an improvement but still can't see it will improve the steep ramp.

Wonderful for a recently opened car park.

2) Model - A22 - Quatro Estradas Road.

Just in time for the implementation of tolls, it appears that under their contract from Central Govenment, the consortium, that has won the bid to manage and re-vamp the N125 throughout the Algarve, has decided that a good place to start would be to start building the long-outstanding link from Modelo Lagos to the isolated roundabout on the A22 off-ramp and then onto the Quatro Estradas/Luz intersection.

I noticed a couple of dozers and JCB's looking lost near the Modelo Roundabout, just before new year. Like all good builders, five or six days after New Year, surveyors pegs and Bob the Builder type earthworks began appearing.

There was a gaggle of engineering types loitering by the Modelo Roundabout discussing the quality of the mud or something, so I stopped and had a word.

They confirmed that the link is under construction and that indeed with 12 to 18 months the road will be through. It certainly will reduce the summer queues at the Centro da Saude roundabout.