Saturday, 22 January 2011

Portuguese Wines - Article in the Wall Street Journal

Thanks to O. Soares for the heads-up on this somewhat patronising article published in the WSJ.

The following quote from the article made me furious....

"One reason may be Portugal's food. There aren't any globally famous Portuguese chefs as there are in, say, Spain (i.e., Ferran Adrià) and the country's chief culinary attraction, salted cod (bacalao), isn't exactly a dish to please a crowd. As the growing number of Italian, Spanish and even Greek restaurants in this country have shown, the popularity of a country's cuisine often precedes the popularity of its wines. "

OK, there are some Pizzerias and Trattorias here in Portugal, but "growing number of ...Spanish and Greek restaurants??"... Pray where? I know a couple in Lisbon but a growing number throughout the country?

The writer can't even spell "Bacalhau" correctly, certainly does not know that there are "365 ways" to prepare it and certainly has not visited Portugal or enjoyed its cuisine. Why do so many Spanish visit Portugal just for lunch? ..... to eat!

One only has to visit the following site (albeit in Portuguese!) for an extensive list of Portuguese dishes!

When Amalia Rodrigues, the famous fado sang the song "Uma Casa Portuguesa", about the traditional warmth  of the Portuguese home she sang these words

"É só amor, pão e vinho
e um caldo verde, verdinho
a fumegar na tijela."

Translated approximately:

"It's only love, bread and wine
and a caldo verde (soup), steaming in the bowl.."

Portuguese cooking and cuisine is as central to Portuguese culture as wine! 

I could go on but suffice to say journalists, especially those writing for august journals such as the WSJ should research their subject matter properly first! 

Eh Pah! Não me lembro a última vez fiquei assim chateado!!!