Monday, 28 March 2011

What's a typical portuguese style dinner?

Portugal has a wonderfully diverse cuisine.

My favorite dinner would be to start with Caldo Verde Soup,


then proceed to Bacalhau com Natas. (Cod Fish in cream sauce)

See: http://

and then perhaps top it off at the end with Tarte de Natas (Cream Tart) for dessert.

See: http://portuguesemenu.blogspot.c...

A good bottle of Portuguese white wine during the meal.

Afterwards, a small black coffee washed down by Medronho, a Portuguese Air Force jet fuel variant, produced in the Southern Alentejo / North Algarve region of Portugal. (The caseira (home made version is always the best!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Santiago de Compostela - Lisbonne

Il n'existe pas des liens ferroviaire direct entre Santiago de Compostela et Lisbonne. Actuellement, il sérait necessaire voyager en passant de Madrid.

Le moyen le plus rapide avec le transport en commun entre ces deux villes est en autobus.

La société exploite un service quotidien:

Départ - Santiago de Compostela: 10:30
Arrivée - Lisbonne (Station d'autobus: Sete Rios): 19:30

C'est la solution la moins compliquée, étant donné que toutes les autres solutions, il faudrait au moins deux transbordements en route.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sofitel Liberdade Lisbon to Porto by Train

From the Sofitel Liberdade Lisboa, the nearest train station for Porto is Sta. Apolonia, which is also the terminus for trains to and from Porto from Lisbon.

If you have a lot of bags, I would counsel a taxi which should not cost more than a few euros.

The hotel is close to Avenida Metro station, which is on the Blue Line which runs straight to its terminus at Stª. Apolonia. It is a 10 minute run to Stº. Apolonia.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Tolls on the A22 - Via de Infante - Algarve - Further Commentary

I've been away, but I am convinced that the chaos that is likely to result from a lack of foresight and planning by the Portuguese authorities on the planning of implementation of tolls on the A22/Via de Infante is going to result in a massive decrease in day and week-end tourists from Spain, with a substantial resultant negative multiplier effect on the local economy.

As diskwizz said above, this is going to hit the area west of Albufeira particularly.

I am, therefore, predicting a substantial decrease in tourism revenues for operators in this area for Summer 2010.

I do no believe the EN125 will be an option in Summer. It will be bumper to bumper. I have driven it from Lagos to Faro Airport several times recently and even off-season it takes 1hr. 25 minutes early on a Sunday morning.

My own advice to those planning to visit the Algarve after 15th April is as follows:

1) Come on a package tour including hotel and transfers to destinations.
2) Do not hire a car from Faro Airport, unless you are prepared for a "grind" along the EN125 getting to your destination.
3) Do not get an airport transfer, unless the company in question can confim the price of the transfer when booking.

4) If travelling to the Algarve by air, do not consider the Algarve as your only destination!!!!

Consider flying to either Lisbon or Seville. Spend a couple of days in either centre and then take a bus or train to your final destination in the Algarve. That way you can see a bit more of Portugal/Andalusia as well.

If you need a hire car, rent on locally on arrival in your destination.

However, at all costs avoid the A22 - (Via de Infante)!!!

A final observation. Even with electronic tolls, there is a simple solution, which no one appears to have thought off. Parking Garage type ticket machines where one can by "one-off" magnetic cards for a single trip.

Only problem is "someone" has to pay for slightly more expensive readers, software and other equipment to mount on the pylons capable of reading them.

I am not against tolls per say, but this complete lack of planning for a workable toll system, is, I am convinced going to result in serious and possible fatal damage to the Algarve as a tourist destination.

Even within Portugal, the Algarve is under increasing competition from Lisbon, Porto and other destinations.

I cannot believe that the IMF, if they were called in to assist on Portugal's problems, would advise on killing the golden goose of Algarve tourism. I am sure they would have advised on the need to build toll booths or provide an alternative systems for car-borne visitors to the Algarve.

Seville Airport Buses (update)

The Seville Airport City Main Terminus Bus Stop is currently moving around frequently owing to works on the metro system. Even the locals don't know where it is.

I got caught out last Sunday en route from Lagos, Algarve to Palma da Mallorca via Seville and

Damas/Eva bus from Lagos to Sevilla Estacion da Armas.

Got myself to the Prado Bus Station and asked the newsagent (in Castellano) whether the bus stop for the EA airport bus was where it was previously. She said yes. I headed in the that direction in steady rain only to find it was not there. Then asked another local and was directed 300m in another direction.

No bus.

Finally asked yet a third person and finally was directed to another location 250m away where there were +- 70 people waiting in the rain for a bus that was 20 minutes late. It was one rather drenched Barlaventoexpert that finally got to Seville Airport. (Don't anyone let you believe that it doesn't rain on the plain in Spain!)

As off last Sunday, therefore, the itinerant Airport Bus Terminus Stop in Seville was located on Avda. El Cid (Jardines del Prado de San Sebastian Side) facing the Antigas Fabrica de Tabacos.

My return trip from Palma da Mallorca to Faro by Air Berlin was much more comfortable! :))

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Advice on Lagos

Lagos is not a "built-up" resort as in terms of Albufeira, Benidorm, Torremolinos.

It still retains the atmosphere of a "Portuguese" town. From the centre it is easy to walk to Praia de Batata and Pinhal beaches. Praia Dona Ana can be walked or bussed. Porto de Mos beach can be reached by local bus as can the 4km long stretch of Meia Praia just over the river.

In summer there is a small shuttle ferry over the river that takes you to the town end of Meia Praia in a couple of minutes.

As regards, accomodation I would also suggest you look at the following hotels:

Albergaria Marina Rio
Aqualuz Lagos
Hotel Marina Club.

These are also fairly well situated for east access to the centre.

The sea in July should be warmer but remember Lagos is located on the Atlantic and changes in sea current can mean the occasional period of colder water.

There are not many organised day trips available from Lagos. However, by bus one can visit Sagres, Salema, and Cape St. Vincent.

Also by taking the bus to Portimao you can also connect to a bus to Monchique, the small mountain that dominates the region.

I recommend you have a look at Cubsur's site for more bus info:


Saturday, 12 March 2011

Travel Madrid/Faro/Granada

It depends when you intend travelling.

As from 27th March 2011, will be restarting its direct flights from Madrid to Faro. Think they run three times a week.

Otherwise, the alternatives as indicated above are:

1) Bus - from Madrid Estacion del Sur bus station to Seville Plaza das Armas Bus Station and then either:

i) One of the two daily DAMAS/Eva transportes buses from Seville to Faro


Did this trip myself back in December 2010.

ii) One of the buses from Seville to Faro. (Twice daily at weekends)

2) Train/Bus

As previously stated, AVE train from Madrid to Seville and then bus as above.

As regards travelling from Faro to Granada, bus is the only real option and you will have to travel via Seville again. operates this route. It requires a transfer between Seville Estacion das Armas Bus Station and Prado Bus Station in Seville.

Current Schedule shows:

Depart Faro: 01:15
Arrive Granada: 11:00

You may be able to get better connections traveling by DAMAS/Eva transportes buses from faro to Seville and then connecting with a Seville to Granada bus.

There are several daily.

As regards cheap hire car at Faro Aiport, this is unlikely. Prices are climbing due to shortage of vehicles and a host of other economic factors.

However, bear in mind that the cheapest price quoted may not be the best once you look at the small print.

Train from Lisboa to Portimao

1) There is a train Station at Portimão.

2) There are two trains that will meet your needs:

i: Lisboa Gare Oriente Station Depart: 17h20
Portimão Arrive: 21h29

2: Lisboa Gare Oriente Station Depart: 18h42
Portimão Arrive: 21h42

Be aware that during March 2011, ongoing work to rule strikes by CP Rail staff has resulted in some train cancellations.

We do not know yet is this will continue in April and the online timetable for April is not yet up.

See this recent article on my blog for further information including information on buses from Lisbon to Portimão in the event of train disruption:

Train to Sintra from Entre Campos

Direct trains from Lisbon to Sintra depart from Rossio Station in the Baixa.
Travelling from Entrecampos is possible but you need to catch a train to Cacem or Monte Abraao and change there.

Link to timetable here:

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Lisbon,Portugal to Cadiz, Spain

There are no easy options for traveling by public transport between Lisbon and Cadiz.

There are expensive flights operated by TAP/Air Portugal between Lisbon and Seville from where you can get a bus or train to Seville.

Alternatively, you could take a long distance bus.

See the following article on my blog about travelling from Cadiz to Lisbon:

Just reverse the instructions and away you go.

Two days in Lisbon with child.

If you only have 2 days in the Lisbon, I would strongly suggest you do not plan to go far from the city.

With a child, places like Lisbon Zoo ( Site currently being remodelled), the Oceanarium at Parque de Nações ( ), and the beach at Estoril,(30 minutes by train from Cais de Sodre train station) (,would be your best bet.

Finally, a open top city tour is always a great thing for kids.


All the above are accessible by public transport (Metro/Train)

As regards accommodation it depends on your budget. One of the several IBIS hotels could be a good bet with kids. Alternative, you could have a look at:

Residencial Portuense (


Residencial Florescente. ( )

I have stayed at both and they are welcoming and very central.