Saturday, 19 March 2011

Seville Airport Buses (update)

The Seville Airport City Main Terminus Bus Stop is currently moving around frequently owing to works on the metro system. Even the locals don't know where it is.

I got caught out last Sunday en route from Lagos, Algarve to Palma da Mallorca via Seville and

Damas/Eva bus from Lagos to Sevilla Estacion da Armas.

Got myself to the Prado Bus Station and asked the newsagent (in Castellano) whether the bus stop for the EA airport bus was where it was previously. She said yes. I headed in the that direction in steady rain only to find it was not there. Then asked another local and was directed 300m in another direction.

No bus.

Finally asked yet a third person and finally was directed to another location 250m away where there were +- 70 people waiting in the rain for a bus that was 20 minutes late. It was one rather drenched Barlaventoexpert that finally got to Seville Airport. (Don't anyone let you believe that it doesn't rain on the plain in Spain!)

As off last Sunday, therefore, the itinerant Airport Bus Terminus Stop in Seville was located on Avda. El Cid (Jardines del Prado de San Sebastian Side) facing the Antigas Fabrica de Tabacos.

My return trip from Palma da Mallorca to Faro by Air Berlin was much more comfortable! :))