Friday, 22 February 2013

Driving from Lagos,Portugal to Lisbon by back roads

The easiest non-electronic toll way to get to Lisbon from Praia da Luz or Lagos avoiding electronic tolls is as follows:
1) Praia da Luz to Lagos on the N125.
2)On approaching Lagos turn left before the Total Garage, at the first roundabout, onto the A22 motorway feeder road. Follow the signs for BensafrimAljezur, Sines.
3) After 8km on a non-toll motorway, one comes to a roundabout.
4)Turn left and continue on the N120 to Aljezur
5) Go through Aljezur and turn left onto the N120 towards Rogil, Maria, Vinagre, Odeceixe.
At Odeceixe one crosses a bridge into the Alentejo.
Continue on passing São Teotonio until one comes to Odemira.
6) At Odemira, drop down the hill, cross the bridge and turn left.
7) Continue onto the next roundabout and cross straight over following signs on the N120 to S. Luis and Cercal. (The next 10km of road are a bit curvy and bumpy.)
8) Pass through S. Luis and continue to Cercal.
9) At Cercal, one will come to a roundabout - turn right on the N262 towards Alvalade.
10) When you reach Alvalade, continue straight on until you hit the old Algarve - Lisbon road. (IC1)
11) Turn left onto the IC1. Pass through the village of Mimosa,
12) Continue along this road about 30 kms until you reach an off-ramp leading off to the right heading for the A2 - Lisboa Motorway.
13) Take this road. When one comes to the toll plaza, take a ticket.
14) Then follow the A2 passing Grandola, Alcacer do Sal and always following the signs for A2 Lisbon.
15) Near Marateca, the motorway from Madrid merges from left. Keep following A2 Lisboa.
16) After about 30 kms one comes to an intersection indicating A12, Ponte Vasco da Gama, Montijo, Lisboa. Follow this off to the right.
17) After about 30km one will come to a toll booth where one can pay cash to a human or a machine.
18) Shortly afterwards you will go through another Toll Booth where one can pay cash to cross the Vasco da Gama bridge into Lisbon.
19) Continue onto the bridge, cross the Tejo.
20) At the 2nd off-ramp after the bridge follow the signs for 2ª Circular, Aeroporto onto the 2º Circular (Ring Road).
21) After about +-4kms one will see the off-ramp marked Aeroporto to one's right.
22) Take this off-ramp, bearing off right into the Airport approach and voila.
Transit Time PDL - Lisbon on this route (+-4:30 hours driving) (I have done it at 04:30 on a Sunday morning in 3:45 minutes non-stop)