Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lisbon as an alternative Transit Point for Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

if you take into account the stress involved these days in hiring a car at Faro Airport, the problems with the motorway tolls, the fact that one only knows the day before if a certain train is going to run between Faro and Lagos on a certain day, limited bus frequencies and no public transport links after +- 17:45 as well as other "known unknowns" and "unknown knowns", travelling to Lagos via Lisbon by coach is a doddle and often cheaper!!!!!!
Between Renex, EVA-Mundial and Rede-Expressos we have over 16 daily services between Lagos and Lisbon... more than the 15 we have (on weekdays) between Faro and Lagos by bus and by train.
The EVA Transrapido bus to Faro takes 2hrs 10 minutes and then one still has to get to the Airport.
The train is takes less time but still takes +- 1hr 40mins and but again one still has to get to the Airport.
In the end, now that the metro is open to Gare Oriente and the Aerobus Nº. 2 Service to Sete Rios has been improved, Lisbon as a point of entry for Lagos is a good option.