Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lisbon, Portugal - Sete Rios Bus Station

The Lisboa Sete Rios bus station looks like, well, one's usual bog standard nondescript european bus station set in what used to be sidings for the Lisboa Metro.
Many many moons ago, when I was a lad, Sete Rios Metro Station was called exactly that, "Sete Rios". Then some lunatic decided that as the local zoo was just around the corner, they would change the name of the Metro Station to "Jardim Zoologico".
This also confused the local inmates of the afore-mentioned zoological establishment when trying to get back to their cages before opening time on a Saturday or Sunday morning after a heavy night on the town.
Something like this:
Lisboa Sete Rios Train Station and Bus Station and Metro Jardim Zoologico are all one and the same complex. One walks out the north-east-facing ground floor exit of the train station, having ascended from the metro, cross the taxi rank and there are a set of stairs/escalator leading up to the bus station.
(Rail/Metro station to the left - bus station a/k/a rodoviario to the right up the stairs)