Sunday, 1 December 2013

International Support Effort to fight Elephant poaching in Africa.

I 've not written about animal conservation issues on this blog before.

However, there is a severe worsening crisis ongoing throughout Southern, Eastern and Central Africa where hundreds, (Yes, I mean hundred's) of elephants are being killed in mass attacks on herds.

An effort has been launched on to raise support for the Tashinga Initiative which is working to support the efforts of people of people in the field like Rory Young in trying to counter this on-going massacre.

See this excellent article written by Jay Bell which gives an excellent synopsis of the situation:


I am not a wide-eyed "cuddle-an-elephant" type! I lived many years in Southern Africa and I have seen what Jumbos can to crops etc.

However, with this ongoing tragedy which affects not just elephants but rhino as well, I ask you consider what you can do!

Help Tashinga, write a blog article, start getting vocal! Lets make such a noise World-Wide about this before we find the African Bio-sphere devoid of life!!!!!!