Friday, 28 February 2014

Algarve - The 1969 earthquake

As a young teenager living in Lisbon, I had first hand experience of the 5.5+ Richter Scale earthquake that shook Portugal at 02:40 on the morning of 28 February 1969. My strongest memory is of our our new young puppy getting the blame for shaking my parents' bed, the building shaking and the next morning seeing the phone and power lines outside the house were down, as well as the afore-mentioned puppy taking to the air on all four paws after peeing on a live 24V downed phone cable!(There was no permanent damage to him! :) ) I wasn't aware of the the effects of the quake on the rest of the country. Today, SUL INFORMAÇÃO, the Algarve online daily, has published an interesting article (in Portuguese) about the impact of the earthquake on the Algarve, together with photos. More here: