Monday, 11 March 2013

Madrid Barajas Airport to Seville & v.v. operate two buses daily from Madrid Barajas to Sevilla Plaza das Armas as follows:

 Dept: Madrid Barajas Airport: 21:15 Arrive Seville: 04:10
 Dept: Madrid Barajas Airport: 23:15 Arrive Seville: 06:10

 It also operates four daily services from Sevilla Plaza das Armas to Madrid Barajas as follows: 

Dept: Seville: 01:00 Arr: Barajas: 07:35 Till 14/06/13
Dept: Seville:08:00  Arr: Barajas: 15:15 Till 31/12/12
Dept: Seville:10:30  Arr: Barajas: 17:05 Till 31/12/12
Dept: Seville:14:30  Arr: Barajas: 21:45 Till 31/12/12

 Not expensive either: € 21:50. I have used this service in the past. Its a bit of a long journey, but it does avoid messing around with public transport in Madrid.