Monday, 31 May 2010

Ryanair - Faro - Winter Schedules 2010/2011

Ryanair has begun to announce its schedules from Faro Airport for the Winter Season 2010/2011.

More information here on Sergio Basto's site:

Driving Faro to Lisbon

1) The Alentejo between the Algarve and Lisbon is lovely but probably not exactly interesting to easily bored teenagers.

2) Bear in mind that, on the motorway, one can drive from Faro to Lisbon in under 3 hours.

3) If you are interested in history, a route from Faro via Castro Marim, Alcoutim, Mertola, Beja, Serpa, Alqueva (Dam), Reguengos de Monsaraz, Evora, Setubal/Palmela would be interesting.

Bear in mind, however, that the temperatures in the Alentejo will now start to climb and will be, during the day, between 35º and 40ºC for the next 3 months. I personally do not recommend this interior region for touring without an air-conditioned car during this period.

Another option is to run along the Algarve Coast via Lagos, (divert to Sagres), and then up the Coast via Vila de Bispo, Carrapateira, Aljezur, Rogil, Odeceixe, Vila Nova Milfontes, Sines and then Troia. Take the ferry acoss the Sado at Troia and then Setubal/Palmela and Lisbon. Not so much history but cooler and lots of beaches.

Motorcycle Safety from Lagos to Sagres

Well it depends what you are riding.

The N125 beween Lagos and Sagres has a wide carriage way with wide verges. If you are on a machine up to 125cc, you should be fine as you can cruise along the verges and let the world pass you.

If you are on a bigger machine, no problem, except do not let the curves fool you. People are regularly flattened along that road as its long stretches can encourage speeding.

Can't see any problem with theft unless you are riding a BMW, Harley or Goldwing. Then normal procedures should apply. 

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Cheapest way to get to Spain/Portugal from Copenhagen

I would try by air with Ryanair from Billund to Faro, Alicante, Malaga or Girona or from Aarhus to Alicante, Malaga or Girona

Friday, 28 May 2010

5/6 June 2010 - Night field trip - marine petrels

There will be night field trip in the Lagos area on the above date to study the migration patterns of marine petrels.

Translation of news article here:

Definitely a consolidator/online agent, particularly given that they are dealing with most of the main majors actual car hire companies in Portugal as indicated by the .logos at the borrom of their pages.

As indicated on the bottom of their website.


brinkley systems limited
91 n livingston av
livingston, New Jersey 07039
United States
Registered through:, Inc. (
Created on: 01-Mar-03
Expires on: 01-Mar-11
Last Updated on: 18-Nov-06
Administrative Contact:
Silva, Carlos
brinkley systems limited
91 n livingston av
livingston, New Jersey 07039
United States

Portuguese number does no mean anything as it could be a local representative or a telephone number redirect.

Transport entre Aeroport de Faro et Lagos


J'habite à Lagos. Malheureusement il n'existe pas des bus direct en partence de l'aéroport de Faro à Lagos ou des autres villes de l'Algarve.

Il existe deux autres options possibles de voyagé entre l'aéroport de Faro et Lagos en fonction de l'heure d'arrivée de votre vol.

Il ya des bus entre l'aéroport de Faro et  le Gare Routier et Gare Ferroviare de Faro.

Les horaires sont ici.


De Faro Gare routière vous pouvez voyage à Lagos en bus:

Les horaires sont ici:

ou en train

Les horaires sont ici

Les prix pour le transit de l'aéroport de Faro à Lagos, par ces moyens ne doit pas être supérieur à € 10,00 par personne.

Bonnes vacances à Lagos!

Ryanair - Faro - Porto - Winter 2010/2011 will be reducing frequencies on the Porto to Faro route to four times a week.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Faro – Porto

Partida: 13h20
Chegada: 14h25

Porto – Faro
Partida: 14h50
Chegada: 15h50

Thanks to Sergio Bastos of for this.

To Lisbon by Train or Car

See these posts on travel between the Algarve and Lisbon on my blog here:

3: There is always the option of one of the two bus services Renex and Rede Expressos. These leave from closer to Albufeira than the train, the station being 8km out.

In summary, finding your way into Central Lisbon is not for first timers, and finding parking is becoming more and more difficult. You will end up stressed. There are enough good public transport links between Albufeira and Lisbon to make a day trip doable using this means.

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Porto Sewer Tours

You mean a Portuguese version of this....
(with apologies to the long deaded Spike Millgna, the great Irish spelling mistake??)

" Sideways through the sewers of the Strand on a Sunday afternoon
Sideways through the sewers of the Strand will be our honeymoon
Ankle deep folks in sludge dear we'll walk hand in hand
They do say that the sewers of the Strand are the finest in the land
Sideways through the sewers of the Strand will be paradise for two
Who cares if the atmosphere is blue
'Cause there's nothing wrong with a good old British pong
Sideways through the sewers of the Strand with you.... "

Ying tong iddle i po!

Seriously, done a search of the Portuguese web and nothing coming up.

Exits stage left singing "I'm walking backwar for Christmas across the Irish sea......."

Shopping - Lagos or nearby...

Come to the Algarve in late spring & summer ....and going shopping for European high street brands.....AAAAAAAAAAAAaaarrrrrrrrrghhh!

Right have recovered! :)))

Assuming you have a hire car, your best bet is 45 kms back down the A22 Via de Infante, come of at the Albufeira off-ramp and after 250m bear left on to the EN125 direction Guia. After about 2kms you will see an off-ramp to the right marked ALGARVE SHOPPING take it and make your way into the Algarve's biggest shopping centre.

The brand names you mentioned, plus more incl. cinemas, and English language books section in FNAC can be found there.

Portimão has some shops but not all in one location.

Algarve Shopping is the place to go for retail therapy in the Algarve.

Website here: (in Portuguese)

Click on "como chegar" for a "poor" google map link!!!

Wi-Fi hot spots in Carvoeiro

Not many I fear.

The Algarve Digital project shows that there is wifi available in the lobby are of the Hotel Tivoli Almansor via the PT wifi system

See here:

You have to by a voucher. I would presume the Hotel would have them:

Rate here under "Vouchers Físicos":

Also have a look at this old article here:

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Portugal among leaders in Mobile broadband penetration.

Interesting article here:

BBC reports that Portugal is among the top 3 EU countries, along with Austria and Finland, when it comes to Mobile broadband penetration and coverage.

As I've said for a long time Portugal is a leader in IT implementation.

Another article here - - in Díario Digital reports that Critical, a top-level IT company spun-off from University of Coimbra ten years ago has now entered the Taiwan market providing software for high-end manufacturing.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - New Car Parks to finally open - 1st July 2010

I have just received a twitter from Journal Barlavento reporting that the two new parking garages being built in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal will, at last, open to the public on 1st July 2010.

The article in Portuguese can be seen here:

A copy of the Council regulations with tariffs (in Portuguese) can be seen here:

It appears that the tariffs for the two new Parking Garages in high season will range from € 1.00 to € 1.25 for the first year.

It is also reported that parking along the Avenida will be subject to 3 hour limits and cost up to € 2.05 for three hours.

The Camâra Municipal de Lagos page with more info can, at present, be found here:

Despite the economic crisis, lets hope that this will finally allow downtown Lagos to get back on its feet and have a much better summer 2010 than the past two years!!!!!!!!!


Acabo de receber um Twitter do Jornal Barlavento relatando aos dois novos parques de estacionamento a ser construído em Lagos, Algarve, Portugal  e terá, finalmente, aberto ao público em 01 de julho de 2010.

O artigo em Português pode ser visto aqui:

Uma cópia do regulamento do Conselho, com tarifas (em Português) pode ser visto aqui:

Parece que as tarifas para os dois novos parques de estacionamento na alta temporada será de € 1,00 para € 1,25 para o primeiro ano.

Também é relatado que o estacionamento ao longo da Avenida vão ser sujeitas a limites de 3 horas e custar até € 2,05 por uma hora.

A página da Câmara Municipal de Lagos com mais informações pode, de momento, ser encontrada aqui:

Apesar da crise econômica, vamos ter a esperança que isso vai finalmente permitir o centro da cidade de Lagos voltar a seus pés e ter um verão muito melhor 2010 do que os últimos dois anos !!!!!!!!!

Surfing and good town spot

Lagos should be your base. Lagos has a great night life at that time of year.

However, be aware that July and August are peak peak high season here and prices for accomodation will be up.

Lagos is +- 30km from the rugged Far West  Coast of the Algare with its well-know surfing beaches at Castelejo, Carrapateira etc.

Monday, 24 May 2010

III Concurso de Água Português de Lagos III Portuguese Water Dog Competition Lagos, Algarve, Portugal 30 May 2010

III Concurso de Água Português de Lagos III, 30 Maio 2010

Portuguese Water Dog Competition Lagos, Algarve, Portugal 30 May 2010

Mais Informação  /  More Information

Is there a cinema in or near Lagos please?

The only cinema in Lagos closed down about three years ago as did the one in Praia da Luz.

The nearest cinemas now are in Portimão where there are two complexes:

1) Castello Lopes - C. C. Continente
Quinta da Malata, Lote 1
Centro Comercial Modelo
8500-500 Portimão

Current Shows here:

2)   Algarcine - Cinemas de Portimão
 Av. Miguel Bombarda
8500-508 Portimão

Current Shows here:

Most movies suitable for adults are in English with Portuguese Sub-titles.

Most movies suitable for kids are usually always dubbed into Portuguese.

Transfers from Faro Airport

You could also try:

Low Cost Transfers - Price seems to be about the same. I have also used them.

Algarve-365 -

I think they are based in Praia da Rocha just over the water from Ferragudo.

Car rentals from Albufeira train station?

Another possibility would be to stay on the train another 20 minutes to Faro and pick up a hire car there.

Europcar have a depot about 200m from Faro Station here:

8000-079 FARO
Phone: +351 289 823778

You could then drive back to Albufeira.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Custom Duty on Parcels from Guernsey

Guernsey is part of the Channel Islands and is not technically part of the UK.

It's allegiance is to HRH but it runs its own affairs.

Have a look at this page:

and especially here:

"under the UK's accession treaty with the EU, Guernsey forms part of the single market but is outside the EU fiscal area"

Therein is the point. It appears that HMV can use it for shipping to the UK as there is a double taxation arrangement but to the EU as a whole Customs Duties appear to be applied.

I am surprised there is nothing about it on the HMV website.

For the purposes of avoiding this in future make sure that you order from some outfit like or that is fully resident within the EU proper!!!!!

Europe - Sources of Volcanic Ash Cloud Information and Potential Flight Delays

I doubt anyone, including the airlines, will be able to give you any information today relevant to flights on Tuesday. The earliest will be Monday Midday GMT.
During the last bout of ashitis, a couple of weeks ago, airports were being closed at 6 hours notice or less. In the first instance, you should really follow any changes on your airline's website.

You best bet is for general flight information is to follow Lisbon Airport Departures and Arrival page to be found through the following link here:

The whole site is under maintenance, at the moment, but real time departure and arrivals are working. However, information is only updated either when the flight is airborne or serious delayed, so this doesn't really help for forward planning.

As regards the volcanic ash cloud, the best option is to follow the periodic info issued by EUROCONTROL via Twitter.


A post last night from EuroControl stated that:

"Twitter-Facebook blackout til 25 May 09.00 CET: updates will be posted only if situation deteriorates". This suggests that all is clear, barring a major volcanic-type belch, until Tuesday a.m.

The British Met Office issues regular ash maps showing predictions up to 24 hours in advance:


What one has to do, is look, 24 hours before, at where the ash cloud is, the direction in which it is moving and figure out if it is going anywhere near the airport of departure or of arrival.

Having followed this over the last belch, it was possible to predict 24 hours before, that Lisbon Airport was more than likely going to be closed. This was 16 hours before the Portuguese Air Traffic control announced Lisbon was to be closed and the airlines made the announcements on their websites.

The critical map is the one showing FL000 to FL200. This covers from ground level up to 20 000ft and is the critical one for planes getting in and out of airports. If ash and particularly dense ash is anywhere near your destination airport 24 hours before, there will be a good chance it will be closed.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Great Cocktail Bar in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

Luisol is a small cocktail bar situated in the historic old town area of Lagos, Algarve, Portugal.

Open most evenings, Luis and Hans are your hosts and offer a relaxed quality environment in a small cocktail lounge finished in fine taste.

Specialities of the house include Caiparinhas, Caipiranhas and Mojhitos.

Open most evenings from 21:00 onwards, Luisol is a great place to pass a relaxed evening in Lagos.


Rua São José 21

Tel: 919221931
Attire: Smart Casual Recommended.

Hotel Martinhal - Distance from Sagres

Sagres is an awkward shaped beast of a town! It is long and thing along two axes running from the Fortaleza. There is not really a centre..there are two or three. By car, its about 2kms into the real centre of town.

However, as the fly crows, if you walk and take the shortcut along the beach from Martinhal, behind the Mimmo Baleira Hotel, you will come, after about 800m,  to Rua Comandante Matoso. To your left the road leads down to the Doca da Pesca (Fishing Dock) and the other way along to Praça de São Vicente. Along this road you will find some shops, a chemist, some cafes etc.

See the google map here:

How to pronounce the syllable "ão" in Portuguese

In Portuguese, the syllable "...ão" is pronounced "ow", as when you stab yourself with a pin and almost like the last part of c"ow" in English!

Hence, in Portuguese

cão = dog and is pronounced "cow" while you stab your thumb! (Meanwhile, to confuse things further, a female bovine in portuguese is called a "vaca".)

não = no - while you stab your thumb!

Portimão = city in the Algarve - while you stab your thumb!

Dão Grão (Vasco) = Portuguese Wine from the Douro - while you stab your thumb x 2!

Patacão - Village/Suburb outside Faro on the EN125 - while you stab your thumb! (....and not an instruction understood by english speakers with limited knowledge of Portuguese, that they should pat their canine companion while passing the said road sign...It actually means "Dog Paw")

Até já

Lagos - Cocktails....

After 21:30, I can strongly recommend LuiSol, at Rua S. José, 21, Lagos. (Old Town) Tel: 282 761 794

Beautifully finished cocktail bar. Hans and Luis make Caipairinas, Caipiranhas, Mojhitos of the highest quality. They are wonder hosts as well.

Bear in mind this is a quality establishment, and its better not to wander in there in thongs, shorts and T-Shirts.

The Club Bar at the Aqualuz Hotel also does a nice range of the above.

Lisbon - Tenda do Chapitô - "The Wreck of the Titanic" - 26th to 29th May 2010

I have just received news from the A Companhia do Chapitô in Lisbon that there will be performances of the comedy "The Sinking of the Titanic" at the Chapitô Theatre, near the Castelo São Jorge on the evenings of the 26th to 29th May 2010 at 22:00.

The performance will be in English with the actors John Fisk e Paul Kessel.

Information on the comedy, in English, can be found here:

Information on the performance at the Teatro de Chapitô (in Portuguese) can be found here:

Ticket Office Number: 218 855 550

If you're in Lisbon on those days it might be a fun thing to do especially as the Bar and Restaurant have great views over the Tagus.

Bus Hire - Lisbon, Portugal

The following are a list of a selection of company websites in the Lisbon area offering bus charter services:

WH-Executive Service




Diana Tours

Be aware that while some of them will speak English, some may not.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Quinta Algharb - Rentals – Praia da Ingrina – Far Western Algarve, Portugal

Ever want to get away from it all? I do not often write about specific locations on this blog.

However, there is one place I have known for years but have not written about to date.

21kms west of Lagos, on the N125 road to Sagres, is the village of Raposeira.

If one turns right at the traffic lights, and heads out the village, one immediately encounters a quiet rural area which is part of the Costa Vicentina National Park.

If one take, the fork right after +- 1 kms and heads towards Praia da Ingrina, one passes, on the left, an altitude marker and a few metres beyond, one can stop, and on a clear sunny day, have a wonderful panoramic view over the coastline from Salema through Praia da Zavial to Sagres and Cape St. Vincent.

The countryside here is quiet as there are few trees, the vegetation being brush and bushes kept low by the strong winds that prevail in this area.

Continue slowly a further +-1km down the road in the direction of Praia da Ingrina, and you will see, on the right, the entrance to Quinta Al-Gharb.

Located 1,2 km from the beach at Praia da Ingrina and surrounded by countryside, this is a wonderful peaceful and relaxing location.

The complex comprises 5 cottage type apartments, each equipped with full catering facilites and other extras, and furnished to a high standard. Internet Access is available in the complex offices.

The location is ideal for those who really do want to get away to commune with nature. One can spend your whole holiday there, just going up to Raposeira or Vila de Bispo to buy food, (There is a Lidl in Vila de Bispo), and walking down to the beach.

Alternatively, it is also an ideal location for exploring the far West of the Algarve, including Lagos, Sagres, Cape St. Vincent, the surfing beaches north of Sagres such as Bordeira, Carrapateira, Amaral etc, Aljezur and Monchique.

The local beaches at Ingrina and Zavial are spectacular and there are cafes at both.

For more information see the Quinta Algharb website here:

Just Announced - BA Strike Action approved

The UK Court of Appeal has just upheld the Unite Union's Strike plans against BA.
It is therefore likely that strike action will begin to affect BA flights from the week-end on.

I understand that the strike will mainly affect flights from London Heathrow. This means Lisbon and Porto may be affected. BA reckons that flights from London Airwick Gatport will not be affected.


After the volcano, this is all we need.

Anyway, if you are planning to fly with BA to Portugal over the next month better check your flight situation.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Faro to Lisbon- Advice re: car versus train please

If this is your first trip to Lisbon and you do not intend to make any day trips to places like Obidos, Alcobaça or Batalha, strongly recommend you take the bus or train.

1) It's cheaper! Fuel is expensive and there are tolls on the A2 motorway running from Paderne all the way up to Lisbon.

2) Lisbon Council have put in place very strict traffic calming measures in both the Baixa and the Alfama/Castelo area. If you are staying near the Castelo, I assume you are staying at a Hotel like the Hotel Olissippo Castelo. Even for someone who knows Lisbon getting in and out of there is a challenge. You will probably have to depend on expensive hotel parking or expensive public parking.

3) Lisbon has excellent public transport, be it the Metro, Tram, Bus and suburban lines to Sintra, Cascais etc.

4) If you are staying in the area methinks you are staying in, provided you are prepared to walk, it is only 7 to 10 minutes down to Rossio/Restauradores where you will find Buses, Metro and the Train to Sintra.

Chiado is about 15 minutes by foot allowing for the descent and climb.

The train is a great way to travel to Lisbon. If you are heading for the Castelo area, get off at Entrecampos Station and grab a taxi.

En route you will see the lovely Alentejo and also will have a great view of the Tejo Estuary and downtown Lisbon from the 25 de Abril Bridge as the train crosses it.

On return, take the train to Faro and jump a cab outside the station straight to the airport.

It will work out a lot cheaper and less stressful.

I have driven in Lisbon for years but I now almost only travel up by train or bus as it is much less stressful that having a car when one is there.

Where to buy Apple/Mac accessories in Lisbon

FNAC in Chiado or Centro Columbo should have them.

Armazéns do Chiado
Rua do Carmo, nº 2
Lojas 407
1200-094 Lisboa
GPS: +38° 42' 38.69", -9° 8' 22.08"
Horário da Loja: 10h-22h


Fnac Colombo
C. C. Colombo
Avª Lusíada - Centro Colombo
Loja A - 103
1500-392 Lisboa
GPS: +38° 45' 17.35", -9° 11' 18.97"
Horário da Loja: 10h-24h

Just in case:

I've put the full list of +- 40 retailers in Lisbon here:

Train from UK/Northern Europe to the Algarve

Yes and very complicated!!!

- Eurostar to Gare du Nord, Paris

- RER B from Gare du Nord until Denfert-Rochereau and Metro line 6 direction Etoile, descend at Metro Gare Montparnasse, Paris

- Gare Montparnasse, Paris - Daily Sud Express to Lisbon Gare Oriente

- Lisbon Gare Oriente to the Algarve.

Links to the timetables for the last two can be found on my blog here: Scroll down on the right hand side and you will find a panel entitled - Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links where you will find direct links to the timetables.

Driving UK to Algarve

A lot of people use the Portsmouth or Plymouth to Santander route, Others use St. Malo.

As regards coming through France be aware that there all tolls most of the distance from Calais jusqu'a Bordeaux as well as in Northern Spain.
I have twice driven from Lagos to the Nantes/Brittany region in the past couple of years.

My preferred route has been Faro to Seville, Seville to Salamance via Merida, Salamanca to Valladolid, Burgos and then Irun. Irun to Bordeaux and then Niort.
From there you can strike out to St. Malo, via Nantes, or via Tours, Le Mans, Rouen, Abbeville, Boulogne, to Calais.

My reason for preferring to run down via Spain on this route is that the price of fuel is cheaper in Spain than in Portugal, and there are no tolls once you are clear of Burgos.

If you are on a budget, there are very good deals to be had at Formule1/ETAP/IBIS hotels which dot the route.They are all part of the ACCOR Hotel Group. I have stayed at the ETAP Bordeaux South, IBIS Irun, Etap Valladolid, IBIS Salamanca and IBIS Seville.

I would suggest that in Summer you do not try to push it unless you have aircon in the car. Spain will be hot.

I would run:

Calais to Irun on Day one. About 10,5 hours. (+ add time crossing from the UK)

Irun to Seville or Faro on Day two: About 12 hours.

For the route from Santander if you come by ferry, see this article on my blog:

Wheelchair friendly Lagos?

1) The local bus network Onda does have a fairly modern fleet but only some of there large buses have wheel chair lifts. The buses of the EVA/Frota Azul fleet that ply the inter-urban routes do not have lifts.

2) Some stretches of roads and pavements do have ramps but generally only those that have been upgraded in recent years. Bear in mind that many pavements are finished with "calcada" (Portuguese traditional stone pavemet) and not tar. This can give for an uneven surface where the calcada has not been relayed for a while.

3) Many (but not all) restaurants in the centre are on ground level with street level access. You would certainly have not problem getting into places like The Adega da Marina, O Algarvio, and several of the restaurants along Rua 25 de Abril in the centre.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal - Boom - to Sevilla or Malaga

Boom is always a problem. Getting there and back by public transport is a real hassle as Idanha-a-Nova is right in the sticks.

It is something I find strange about an event that supposedly supports green issues. The amount of carbon monoxide that has to be emitted getting to the event must be huge, given that most people have to come by car or taxi from Caldas da Rainha.

The best way to get to Malaga will be to get a bus back to Lisbon and then another one to Seville. To get to Malaga from Portugal you really need to go through Seville. operate a daily service from Lisbon to Seville as follows:

LISBON Sete Rios SEVILLE 20:45     05:15 next day Malaga 08:00

Alternatively, if you can get a lift from Idanha to Caceres in Spain (+- 130km) you can get a bus from there to Seville. have  at present two buses on this route daily as follows:

CACERES  04:25     SEVILLE 07:35 MALAGA 11:00     
CACERES  11:30     SEVILLE 15:15 MALAGA 20:45      

Timetables may, however, change for summer and you should check closer to the time. Note that Spanish time is 1 hour ahead of Portugal Time.

Train - There are not cheap nor quick links between Idanha, Lisbon, Seville and Malaga.

Personally, I strongly recommend the bus.

Best route from Santandar to Carvoeiro

If you are driving a thirsty Porsche, you definitely do not want to route through Northern Portugal.

At present, petrol is up to €0,23 per litre cheaper in Spain and additionally, it is also cheaper to drive most of the way through Spain as, for the most part, the route avoid tolls.

Have a look at this article on my blog from February:

It will give you my full recommended routing. Just come off the A22 Via de Infante at Lagoa instead.

On final thought, remember to uplift fuel at Ayamonte just before you cross the Spanish/Portuguese frontier.

From Porto to Albufeira and the Algarve

There is no "best way" travel from Porto to Albufeira. The distance between the two centres is +- 550km.

The options are:

1) Car.

Advantages - Motorway all the way.
Disadvantages - Price of fuel and tolls on the Motorway.

2) Train

Advantages - Two direct through trains per day
Disadvantages - Price is higher than bus and the station is at Figueiras 8km from Albufeira meaning one requires a bus or a taxi to get there.

3) Bus

There are two bus companies offering services.

Rede Expressos

Both require changing buses in Lisbon.(Same bus station)

Renex is probably the cheapest option of the lot.

4) Air now fly twice daily between Faro Aiport, 40 km from Albufeira, and Porto.

Flight time is one hour.

However, it is a hassle getting direct from Albufeira to Faro Airport. It requires a taxi, private transfer or a bus!

For links to most of the companies mentioned above, go to my blog here:

Scroll down on the right hand side and you will find a panel entitled:

Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links

Restaurant Andorra in Lisbon

If my geography is right, this Restaurante Andorra is located at RUA PORTAS DE SANTO ANTÃO 82 1 LISBOA, LISBOA, 1150, the street that runs up from Rossio Square parallel to Avda. Liberdade, and passes the Coliseu Theatre. It is a well known "ambush alley" for tourists with the "hustlers" trying to get unsuspecting punters into restaurants.

Unfortunately for the hustlers, when I occasionally am in Lisbon and need to go up that street, they incur my Portuguese!!! :))) They don't like people who look like tourists but who canvgive them "what-for" in there own language.!!!

Apart from this two things, every restaurant and business in Portugal is required to have a complaints book. This is called a "livro da reclamação". All businesses are legally required to present it to you if so requested. The local is repsonsible for the monitoring of this system and while they may sometimes be slow to do so, they do. That is why restauranteurs will do all they can to avoid you filling it in. If they refuse, you are perfectly in your right to pay, get the receipt. and then go and find a local policeman for help you insist on completing the complaints book, (in the area in question, there are always a lot around and most speak some English. ) 

Finally, in the same area, a block away over on Avda. Liberdade is the Lisbon Tourist Police Station. They are specifically to assist tourists.

I am puzzled about how the bill arrived at € 105.00 for 2 people, even in a place like this. It sounds like a mighty rip-off. Even in those type of places, I woulf not expect to pay more than € 30.00 per head for a very good dinner and wine.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cheap and good accomodation - Central location - Lagos, Algarve

Not sure if you are talking about Hostels or Pensions.
These are all near the Cultural Centre and the Red Eye
Hostels -

RC - See:

Monkey House - See

Gold Coast - See

Pousada da Juventude

Pensions in the Centre

Pensão Cidade Velha

Residencial Sol a Sol

Pensão MarAzul

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

comboio de Sevilla para Lisboa

:1) Não há serviços ferroviarios (comboios) entre Sevilla (Spain) para Lisboa.

2) Há um serviço diario de autocarro entre Sevilla e Lisboa:

SEVILLE saida:23:59 LISBOA  chegada: 07:45 dia seguinte


Sunset Cottage, Lagos, Algarve, Portugal

I do not often write on this blog about specific properties.

However, I have recently had the chance to visit and view Sunset Cottage here in Lagos in the Algarve region of Portugal.

This recently completed studio cottage accomodates 2 persons and has been adapted for wheel-chair access. One can drive a vehicle right up in front of the main door of the cottage. There is an access ramp into the main entrance. The bathroom door is large enough to allow a wheel-chair through.

The cottage is located in a secluded area, 2km from Lagos centre. 

This could be an excellent location for persons needing special needs holiday accomodation.

For more information see:

Car Rental at Lisbon Airport

In Lisbon try autojardim - All the other majors are there as well.

If you are not familiar with manual shift vehicles remember to specify automatic. However, bear in mind there will be an extra premium as there is not much demand for automatics this side of the pond.

You should probbaly look to rent somethng like a Renault Megane or similiar model or a station wagon/estate.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Transporte entre Lisboa e Lagos, Algarve

Boa Tarde,

Há tres opções para viajar entre Lisboa e Lagos.

1) Carro.

Há uma auto-estrada A2/A22 com portagens tudo a distancia entre Lisboa e Lagos.

Distancia - +- 300km.
Duração: 2hrs 45mins.

2) Comboio

A Cp oferece 5 ligações diariamente entre Lisboa e Lagos.

Publiquei uma extracto aqui:

3) Autocarro.

Existe dois servicos entre Lisboa e Lagos.

Saida de Lisboa: Estação do Autocarros - Gare Oriente -  Metro Oriente

e / eva transportes

Saida de Lisboa: Estação do Autocarros - Sete Rios - Metro: Jardim Zoologico

Podes encontrar ligações aos todos os horários na secção intitulada "Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links" da painel direita do meu blog em:

Não existe ligações aereas.

Boa Viagem,

Aguardamos dar vôce bem-vindos aqui em Lagos!

Train times lisbon to faro

Please click on the following link which will allow you to download the current timetable for Faro - Lisbon in pdf format. Please note that it is only valid 30 days ahead and that it may change before 10th July. The timetable is on page 2.

Tickets can only be bought 30 days in advance.

You can either try Portuguese Railways English language site, (See: (although this does not always work) or

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Lagos - Don Manuel 1

The Don Manuel 1 is a well-established hotel with a good reputation.

It is in easy walking distance of town and Praia Dona Ana beach. (500 metres)
I was going to post a map link for you, but google maps seems to being playing up this morning.

Lagos has a good bus service and your should have no problem getting a bus. Just outside the Hotel is a old people's home in front of which is a bus stop for Onde Line 2. This will take you in one direction to another great beach, Praia Dona Ana, and in the other to the centro of town and eventually to Meia Praia beach with its 4kms of golden sand!!!

I have not done the boat trip up ot Silves, but I do know that it leaves from the River Side quite a way from Portimão Station. This link may help.

Flights cancelled from Faro and Porto - Volcanic Ash - Sat. 08/05/2010

Easyjet and Ryanair have cancelled flights today Saturday 08/0572010 from Faro and Porto to certain destinations owing to Volcanic Ash.



Intercity Trains from Lisbon to Evora

Thanks to Cubsur for this heads-up.

Intercity Trains between Lisbon and Evora and Beja are to be suspended for a period of up to one year as from 9th May 2010 owing to electrification works.


Friday, 7 May 2010

Free Wifi - Lagos

Mcdonalds Lagos does have free wifi.

See this post from last year on my blog:

So does the Central Cultural de Lagos:(Not open Sundays usually.)


Pay as you go dongles are a possibility depending on the traffic volume you need, but I would not consider it economic for a single week's visit.

travel from Faro portugal to Malaga spain.

These guys may be able to assist:

Also Ryanair now fly from Faro to Madrid a few times a week. You might be able to get a connecting low cost to Malaga.

Hotel near Sete Rios/Lagos Bus stop and Train to Sintra?

here is a street near Sete Rios Bus Station called Avenida José Malhoa. There are several hotels there, including an Ibis, the IBIS Malhoa and a Novotel. If you check or similiar sites you may find very competitive offers. I have stayed at both. These hotels are about 6 minutes walk with from Sete Rios. Make sure you have a backpack or suitcase with wheels. However, I would agree with Cubsur's comments about prices and I would not expect to get air conditionioning for the price range you are quoting..

To find Rossio Station, find Avenida Liberdade on a map. At one end is Praça Marques de Pombal and at the other is Praça de Restauradores. Rossio is a few metres to the west of Praça de Restauradores.. The map you are looking at does not show Rossio Station as it is off on a spur.

The metro station you need to get off at and which has a direct link to Rossio Station is Restuaradores on the Linha Azul (Blue Line.) This runs straight down from Sete Rios. See the map here:

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tavira - Spain

I have been to Isla Canela and Cristina and was not much impressed.

Ayamonte is a nice little town. Beyond that there are little towns all the way to Huelva and Seville and they are not in my opinion that great. Ayamonte does have some reasonable Tapas Bars. Bear in mind that many Spanish Restaurante and Tapas Bars in small town close after 15:00 (local time) for Siesta, although in Ayamonte the main ones in the centre do stay open most of the day..

One hire company that does let you take cars into Spain without any any additional charges is Luzcar.  -

Mopeds in Lagos

Lagos is good for a moped ride, but the real good one if it is a sunny day is to ride a scooter/moped to Sagres and Cape St. Vincent 30km away. Great Scenery.

See this link on my blog for info on rental companies:

Lagos, Algarve - Restaurants

An excellent comprehensive list of Restaurants in Lagos, Algarve, Portugal has been produced by the Portuguese Newspaper - "Expresso". (In Portuguese but self explanatory for the most part)

See this link:

Lagos - Reasonable place to eat

As far as I am aware no pub/bar in the Algarve/Lagos does cask ale.
I understand that the transport of ale in casks over long distances can reduce quality.

As regards eateries, you will not find any close to Porto de Mos. You will need a hire car anyway if you are staying there to do shopping etc..

I would recommend the following article on my blog:

as well as the following link:

I can also recommend:

Urb Lapinha
Rua Salgueiro Maia Lt 8 r/c
Loja J
Tm: 962 514 028
(Just down from the Black Ball roundabout and Finibanco)

Até Qu'enfim
Rua Dom João III
8600 - Lagos
(Behind Intermarché and 5 minutes from Porto de Mós by car.)

Amendoeira golf resort

Amendoeira resort is in the Silves/Lagoa Area 30km away from Lagos.


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Lagos, Algarve - Hoje nomeada com destino Nº. 6 no "2010 Travellers Choice 2010 Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in Europe"

Optimas notícias - Lagos, Algarve foi avaliado N º. 6 em 2010 Travellers Choice para "Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in Europe".


Lagos, Algarve - Nº. 6 on TripAdvisors 2010 Travellers Choice 2010 Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in Europe

Great news -  Lagos, Algarve has been rated Nº. 6 on 2010 Travellers Choice 2010 for Top 10 Beach & Sun Destinations in Europe.


Sunday, 2 May 2010

Praia da Rocha to Carvoeiro

Praia da Rocha to Carvoeiro is about 14km by foot according to Google Maps.

Based on the national Portugese taxi price simulator, Taxis would probably cost about € 13 to 16 each way depending on the time of day/night and/or weekday/weekend.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Updated - Portugal Public Transport Info on this blog.

I have just updated the Algarve & Portugal - Travel Transport Links panel on this blog to include links to the latest timetables for trains and long distance buses in Portugal.

A visit to Porto from Lagos.

I went up to Porto this week for a 48 hours visit.

I travelled up from Lagos on one of the scheduled services, via Lisbon Gare Oriente Bus and rail station. The total transit time from Lagos to Porto was 8 hours. Although longer than the train and EVA/Rede Expressos services, the bus stops twice on en route for 15 minutes for refreshments. The return ticket was onl € 46.00 which beats the train and other bus operators by quite a bit.

The Renex terminal in Porto is in Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, a square not far from the centre.
Location is here:

We stayed at the new IBIS Porto Centro Hotel in Rua da Alegria. This only opened recently. The rooms are very clean, some larger than a normal IBIS and good value for money.

A good and very reasonably priced restaurant to eat in at night in Porto is Restaurant Roma, Rua Santo Ildefonso, Porto. This is just around the corner from the IBIS. One can eat there with a drink and coffee for about € 6.50 per head.

I post tweets on various aspects of my trip on twitter here:

The architecture in the old city cerntre is spectacular and in my opinion more beuatiful than downtown Lisbon.

I took some photos, including one of the bridge built by Gustav Eiffel, enjoy.