Monday, 26 July 2010

Day Trip from Vilamoura/Loulé to Lisbon

I would not recommend driving to Lisbon for a day trip.

Although it will only take you about 2hrs:45mins, getting into the centre of Lisbon can be a pain as can be finding parking.

There are regular trains from Faro via Loulé Station ( on the old road from Quarteira to Loulé ) to Lisbon Entrecampos. (nearest station to Vilamoura).

There is an Alfa-Pendular from Loulé daily at 7h06 arriving Lisbon Entrecampos at 9h56.

Until the end of September (summer timetable) there are return departures as follows:

Lisbon Entrecampos 18h51  Loulé 21h44   2h53
Lisbon Entrecampos 19h30  Loulé 23h09 3h39

From Entrecampos I would recommend either a taxi or Metro(change at Pombal) to Rossio in the baixa, the old centre of Lisbon.

The above should give you at least 8 hours in Lisbon. (Delays withstanding)

You will be more relaxed. There are good on-board cafes on the train and you will have a great view of the Tejo and Lisbon going north as you come out of the tunnel just after Pragal station.