Sunday, 4 July 2010

Faro to Islantilla

There is certainly no train service. There are no direct buses either.

The nearest town to Islantilla with a substantial bus service is Lepe, the "strawberry capital" of Spain and about 20km east of Ayamonte on the old Ayamonte - Huelva Road..

I have checked on the Spanish web and while there are indications that DAMAS, the local bus company operate between Lepe and Islantilla,

This schedule might work but is convoluted:

Faro Airport to Faro Station - Taxi or Bus

Faro Station to Vila Real Sta. Antonio Station - Train (The Damas/EVA bus to Ayamonte/Seville times do not tie in with this schedule unfortunately as there is no corresponding bus between Ayamonte and Lepe.)

Dept. Faro: 14h34
Arrive VRSA: 15h41 (16.41 Spanish Time)

Walk 1km to the Ferry over the Guadiana (Add one hour for Spanish Time)

Ferry to Ayamonte and 1 km walk to the Bus Station Bus

Dept. Ayamonte 19:00
Arr: Lepe: 19:15

Taxi 7kms to Islantilla.

or: (just found this link)

The Lepe Council (Ayuntamiento de Lepe,) have just announced on their website that there will be a bus running every 30 minutes from Lepe to La Antilla and back from 07:00 to 24:00 throughout the summer. Islantilla appears to be on the route into La Antilla, which is the local village.

Remember it may be quite hot at the end of August and walking between the Station with baggage is probably not what you want.

The alternative is a transfer with one of the myriad shuttle companies operating out of Faro Airport, such as