Tuesday, 29 January 2013

More Bad News! - Cinemas - Algarve Shopping - Guia, Algarve.Portugal

The Cinemas at Algarve Shopping will be closing on 31st January 2013.
See: (in Portuguese)
At the rate we are going will the last person on the last flight out of Faro please switch off the lights!

Monday, 28 January 2013

Living in Portugal - New Official Govt. Website with latest info

This looks very useful! New Official Govt. Website with latest info for persons wanting to move to Portugal!

Living in Portugal

Weekend away from Porto, Portugal

You are very well placed in Porto given the number of low-cost routes operated from there by Ryanair.com and others.
Here are the low-cost destinations served from Porto by Ryanair.com, Easyjet.com and Transavia.com, and Aigle Azur. (Note some are seasonal.)



Brussels Charleroi


Clermont Ferrand
La Rochelle
Paris Beauvais
Paris Vatry
St Etienne


Dusseldorf Weeze
Frankfurt Hahn
Hamburg- Lubeck


Milan Bergamo
Rome Campino






Barcelona El Prat
Palma de Mallorca
Tenerife Sth








The Netherlands




Sunday, 27 January 2013

Holiday Rentals - Cascais/Estoril - Lisbon Area - Portugal

This is becoming more and more of a problem!
More and more people are interested in holiday rentals on the Linha da Cascais and there is not a lot of concise clear info available.
I am actually in the process of investigating the possibility of doing something in this area and hope to have a few meetings in Lisbon in a couple of weeks about this.
I've searched the Portuguese web:
Have a look at these:
The Cidadela is close to the centre of Cascais -about 6minutes walk. It is an old hotel. I stayed there for a couple of nights a couple of years ago! Very quaint but good service. They have apartments as well.
(Carcavelos is half way to Lisbon on the train line about 15 minutes from Cascais) There is popular beach there. The famous St Julian's English School is also located there.
Parede is one stop before Carcavelos coming from Cascais
Oeiras is one stop after Carcavelos coming from Cascais.
Also have a look at this site which appears to do exclusive rentals and is associated with Christie's!

Traveling from Portugal to France

1) Monte Carlo does not have an airport so one would be looking at flying into Nice and then taking a bus or taxi to Monte Carlo!
2) The only operator out of Portugal serving Nice with direct flights is TAP - Air Portugal from Lisbon!
3) So, if it was me, I would scrap the Algarve leg. The Riviera will be much more interesting.
4) Fly into Lisbon, then to Nice, and then to Paris. or any combination thereof.
If scrapping the Algarve leg gives you a few more days, use it to explore the region North of Lisbon, even visiting Coimbra, Porto or the Douro valley. We can get April showers in the Algarve and going North may be more interesting.
5) For information the following airlines are currently reported as operating the following routes (January 2013):
Lisbon to Paris CDG
Air France
TAP - Air Portugal
Lisbon to Paris Orly
TAP - Air Portugal
Aigle Azur
Transavia (fm April 2013)
Lisbon to Nice
TAP - Air Portugal
Faro (Algarve) to Paris Orly
Aigle-Azur (fm April 2013)
Faro to Paris (Beauvais) (60 km north of Paris)
Paris to Paris CDG
Air France
TAP - Air Portugal
Porto to Paris (Orly)
TAP - Air Portugal
Aigle Azur
Porto to Paris (Beauvais) (120 km north of Paris)
Porto to Paris (Vatry) (EuroDisney) (+-150 km north of Paris )
Trains between Portugal and France take +- 20 hours over night. I would recommend flying.
More info here: http://bit.ly/YwJLMA
In France, there is the excellent, but sometimes costly, TGV rail system operated by SNCF. 

Cafe/Restaurants near the Hotel Britania, Lisbon, Portugal

The Hotel Britania is located at Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 17, a road that runs parallel to Avda. da Liberdade, one of the main thoroughfares of Lisbon. It is located in is a business and quality residential area
However, there are several areas with good cafes/restaurants nearby.
1) Turn right out of the Hotel and walk down Rua Rodrigues Sampaio 17, turn left and then right into Rua São José! Walk down Rua São José and, after about 900m, it eventually will turn into Rua das Portas do Santo Antão. The final part of this route is a well-know tourist "ambush-alley" lined with restaurants with persons seeking to inveigle you to enter there establishment to partake. Food prices in some of them are not bad BUT watch out for the wine prices!!!! There have been some horror stories reported on this forum.
2) If one wants english breakfast, go to the cafe I referred to previously. Turn right out of the hotel, turn right again, proceed one block and then cross Avda. Liberdade. On the far side, turn left and proceed down Avda. Liberdade about 600m, passing Metro Station Avenida. You will come to Pastelaria A Baiana, Av. da Liberdade, 59, Lisboa.
They do English breakfast, continental breakfast and lunches with "plate of the day" (Prato do dia.)
You will also pass en route Cerveijaria Ribadouro. I have never eaten there but it is a well known eatery. 
3) Along Avda. Liberdade you will find cafe/bars on the two tree line boulevards that run the length of the street. You will also find some upmarket restaurants.
I know from walking through the area that there are quite a few other restaurants in the area, some very expensive,some expensive and some cheap and cheerful!
4) Another restaurant I have eaten at about 750m away is the
Restaurante O Cacho Dourado
Rua Eça de Queirós, 5
1050-095 Lisboa
213 543 671
Turn left out of the hotel proceed two and half blocks up Rua Rodrigues Sampaio until you come to Avda. Duque de Loulé. Cross this road and turn right. Continue two blocks along into Rua Eça de Queirós. The Restaurant is on the left. This is a typical Lisbon restaurants serving traditional Portuguese Dishes. At lunch time it is full of business folk eating "Prato do Dia"!.
Check out the Tripadvisor restaurant review for this establishment here.
There is a substantial choice of eateries in the neighbourhood.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Barlaventoexpert's Definitive Guide on getting to/from Vouzela to Porto Airport and v.v.(Portugal) (Jan 2013)

There is one main mode of getting to and from Vouzela,Portugal to Porto Airport, Portugal by public transport. This is by Metro/Bus. There are no direct buses between Vouzela and Porto Airport.

From Porto Airport, it is necessary to take the Metro Line E in the direction of Dragão and descend at Metro Station Bolhão, 5 minutes walk from "Praça de Batalha. (Transit time - +- 25 minutes)

There are half-hourly departures from the airport between 06:00 and 00:30.

Timetables may be downloaded here:

The main bus station in Porto from where long distance Rede-Expressos and Citi-Express services depart is:

4000 PORTO
Tel.: 222052459

(2 minutes walking from "Praça da Batalha")

Its location can be found on the following map:


Bus services between Porto and Vouzela are provided by two main operators:

- Rede-Expressos - http://www.rede-expressos.pt/

- Citiexpress - http://www.citiexpress.eu

There is on average one daily departure and it may be necessary to change coaches at Albergaria à Velha.

The following is an extract from the current timetable (scroll down to page 2):

Friday, 25 January 2013

Ryanair cancels Porto – Pisa Route

Ryanair are cancelling their Porto to Pisa route this summer. The airline will still operate its routes from Porto to Rome Ciampino, Milan Bergamo Orio al Serio and Bologna.

See: Ryanair cancela Porto – Pisa (thanks to http://www.lowcostportugal.net)

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Lagos, Algarve - "PME Excelência 2012" - Luzcar e Adega da Marina

Duas das minhas empresas favoritas Lacobrigenses foram felicitados pela Câmara Municipal de Lagos no dia 23 de janeiro de 2012 na sequencia de ter sido galardoado com o "PME Excelência 2012" pelo Turismo do Portugal no dia 23 de janeiro de 2012.

Estes são "Luzcar", a conhecida empresa local de aluguer de carros e o Restaurante "Adega da Marina" localizada na Avenida.

Ambas as empresas são realmente baluartes da economia de Lagos e é ótimo vê-los celebrado pelo seu trabalho árduo em curso no apoio ao turismo local ao longo dos anos!

Parabéns a todos!

Ver: http://goo.gl/r3L06



Lagos, Algarve, Portugal - Business Awards 2012

Two of my favorite Lagos companies were congratulated by the Câmara Municipal de Lagos on 23rd January 2012 for the recent award of the "PME Excelência 2012" by Turismo do Portugal .

These are "Luzcar", the well-known local car rental company and the  "Adega da Marina" restaurant on the Avenida.

Both of these firms really are core stalwarts of the Lagos economy and it is great to see them being congratulated for their hard ongoing work in supporting local tourism over the years!

Well done!


See (in Portuguese): http://goo.gl/r3L06


Malta - Wizz Air's low fares arrive in Malta

Wizzair Announces start of low-cost operations between Budapest and Malta

See Article in the Malta Star:

Wizz Air's low fares arrive in Malta

Seville accomodation

I can recommend the following hotel which I have in the past stayed at:

Hotel Leflet Castilleja
C/Real, 106
41950 Castilleja de la Cuesta (Sevilla)
Tel: 954169191-661792373 / Fax: 954169148
This hotel has secure parking....The car park entrance is interesting!
The rooms are very clean but the wifi is patchy. The Hotel cafe is not that inspiring, but there are at least 2 other cafes within 100m of the hotel which are fine for desayuno and tapas. There are not many restaurants in the area but the are buses every 15 to 30 minutes (spaced longer apart at night), which run into Seville Plaza das Armas Bus Station. The buses only take about 15 minutes into town.
This Hotel is situated close to IKEA Sevilla in the small suburb town of Castilleja la Cuesta on the A49 to to Huelva and the Algarve.
Some of their double rooms are very big and their prices at present are very competitive. 
Castilleja la Cuesta feels like a village still even though one is essentially in a suburb of Seville.