Saturday, 26 January 2013

Barlaventoexpert's Definitive Guide on getting to/from Vouzela to Porto Airport and v.v.(Portugal) (Jan 2013)

There is one main mode of getting to and from Vouzela,Portugal to Porto Airport, Portugal by public transport. This is by Metro/Bus. There are no direct buses between Vouzela and Porto Airport.

From Porto Airport, it is necessary to take the Metro Line E in the direction of Dragão and descend at Metro Station Bolhão, 5 minutes walk from "Praça de Batalha. (Transit time - +- 25 minutes)

There are half-hourly departures from the airport between 06:00 and 00:30.

Timetables may be downloaded here:

The main bus station in Porto from where long distance Rede-Expressos and Citi-Express services depart is:

4000 PORTO
Tel.: 222052459

(2 minutes walking from "Praça da Batalha")

Its location can be found on the following map:

Bus services between Porto and Vouzela are provided by two main operators:

- Rede-Expressos -

- Citiexpress -

There is on average one daily departure and it may be necessary to change coaches at Albergaria à Velha.

The following is an extract from the current timetable (scroll down to page 2):