Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Faro Airport Transfers - Need for a bus service

Transfers to Lagos are currently priced at around €70/75.00 with most operators! This is fine if there are four people travelling!
That's why I am recommending single travelers and couples to consider coming into the Western Algarve via Lisbon.
Metro/Bus to Bus/Train Station: up to € 4.00 per pax.
Bus from Lisbon to Lagos/Portimão/PDR is +-€20.00. per pax
Even the twice daily bus from Seville to Lagos is cheaper!
Only € 21:00 per person!
We really do need a decent bus service, several times through the day and night, linking the major centres in the Algarve with Faro Airport.
It is crazy when people book early a low-cost flight into Faro for say €49.99 and then have to pay double the amount to get to their destination.