Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Midnight curfew laws - Lagos, Algarve

The Town Hall meeting about the new proposed Midnight curfew laws for bars and restaurants ended in chaos tonight after 20 minutes. The meeting was scheduled for 21:00, in the auditorium at the New Council building. I arrived a little late and was unable to get into the council building.. However, one of my "sleepers" got into the council building and reports that by 21:00, the auditorium seating was full, shortly afterwards, all standing space was occupied and people were spilling out into the council reception area. The Câmara presidente, (Mayor), tried to calm the masses by saying that the Council "had not expected so many people" and people should calm down. He eventually threatened some present with police removal, at which point apparently, some people present started shouting "Democracy, Democracy". The meeting descended into chaos. Thereafter it was announced that the meeting would reconvene tomorrow night, Thursday, 17th January 2012 in the amphitheatre of the Lagos Cultural Centre at 21:00. I find this interesting, as judging by tonight's crowds, the new venue may not have enough capacity for tomorrow's meeting. It appears that the Câmara of Lagos, until tonight, still had really not understood the strength of feeling about these proposed laws and the power of the web!! If you are in Lagos tomorrow night come along and enjoy the fun!!!! More info here: a) (in portuguese) b)