Sunday, 13 January 2013

Trains in Portugal - strikes/work to rule

At present, trains on regional and urban routes are being cancelled a few hours notice AND INFORMATION IS NOT BEING COMMUNICATED TO TICKET OFFICES.
We got caught in November! (Remember we both speak and read portuguese well!) We were in Lisbon! Went to Entrecampos to get train back to Lagos changing at Tunes.
Ticket Office sold us a ticket...No Problem!
Ticket Collector checked the ticket on the train, and as per usual, said change in Tunes.
We get to Tunes. No local train. No Station Staff. Half inebriated local elderly gent yells from over the tracks that the train as been cancelled. Next one along in three hours! We ended up with two other locals grabbing a cab to Lagos. An extra € 12:00 each.
The Alfa-Pendular and Inter-City trains are not striking but if you depend on a local connection it can be costly.
At present, strikes/work to rule scheduled to run till end January 2013.
Based on past performance they will be renewed!
Moral of the Story! Apart from any station on an Alfa/IC route, use the bus/coach!